Reins of Azeroth

Reins of Azeroth Episode 38 - Hallow’s End

October 18, 2016

Prepare yourselves! The rhymes have begun,
Episode 38 is here, with some Hallow’s End fun.
There’s Pepe in costume and wands to disguise,
and candy filled buckets that are sure to surprise.

Then there’s the Horseman who lost his own head
(kinda feel sorry for him - he’s not good at being dead!)
But kill him we must for we hope what remains
is a pumpkin that holds the Horseman’s own Reins.

So come have a listen, (psst! there’s a competition!)
to our spookiest podcast to date, this episode, 38.

Couldn’t make it to the show? You can watch it right here very soon!

Here are some links we mentioned during the show:

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