Reins of Azeroth

Reins of Azeroth Episode 48 - With Thyst!

January 17, 2017

Guys, you are in for a TREAT tonight! We are so pumped to have super special guest Thyst from the Lagging Balls podcast join us for our show! We had some chats about micro-holidays and stuff that's happened in 7.1.5, as well as our main topic of the week the state of professions in Legion. We also had some wonderful emails from Knave and AnnInWonderland. You can read Knave's email in full below.

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Here are some links we talked about during the show:

Thank you to Thyst for joining us for our show. Check her out on her favourite mount below. :) You can find Thyst on twitter @Thyst03, check out her YouTube channel at Thyst Of Lagging Balls, or catch her each with with Thorn on the Lagging Balls podcast.

This week we had a wonderful email from Knave. Unfortunately we ran out of time to read it during the show, so we've put it on our site to read. Knave also sent us some new fiery pics for our gallery!

Share your mount/toy/achievement collection stories, pics and questions – @reinsofazeroth or

Thank you to Sirius for our wonderful twitch artwork! To see more of Sirius’ art or to commission her, visit her website at, or check out our Art page

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